Stinky Pants

Sooo…. yesterday at church I wore a dress that I totally dig.  it’s a Goodwill vintage treasure.  and not just any ol’ Goodwill, but the Goodwill in Bend, OR.  and I LOVE it!  Never mind the fact that I look about 3 months pregnant in it. who cares?  it’s just the style of the dress, but it’s too CUTE not to wear!  So today i wore my dress with new leggights (Definition of Leggights: a pair of leggings and tights blended together) from Target, b/c I love Target and I buy many things that come from Target. These leggights were $5 and heather gray, which P.A. says is not a color.  but i wholeheartedly disagree, i love wearing gray. and since i’m wearing it, the color exists. The outfit was completed by a braid in my hair, awesome brown earrings that my friend brought me back from Columbia, AND my tall brown MIA boots, which came from Marshalls, which look cute even on my large size 10 feet, which I expound on more here.

This Materialistic Combo = Awesome!

Now comes the dilemma with my super cute outfit.  The new leggights from Target STINK!  I noticed their smell during church but was too busy flapping my jaws with people, running back to the children’s ministry to do worship with the kids, and chasing my own kids after church, since they run around like they live there, and basically church is like their second home… and doing everything else a Pastors wife does on any given Sunday… My nose was sensitive enough to be bothered by the smell of the leggights during church, but I was too busy to worry with it…

Until I came home.  I couldn’t handle it anymore.  I couldn’t take the leggights off fast enough.  That is until after I had P.A. take this picture of me and Selah, so you could see the super cuteness of my outfit… and her outfit too 🙂

Sooo… the only thing I could relate this smell to is the same smell from stinky jeans i recently purchased – and then returned – to Old Navy.  Seriously, these leggights stunk so badly the smell rubbed off on my dress and tank top. i couldn’t stand it.  then i did some research on stinky jeans and found out that the smell could be formaldehyde. Yuck!  Now i’m not sure how reliable all of this internet research is when you google “stinky jeans”, but something is wrong.  and my search for “stinky leggights” didn’t produce any results… hmmm… not sure why, but jeans, leggights or any clothing shouldn’t stink that badly.  Some of the information i found suggested washing the stinky jeans several times in baking soda to get the smell out, but that seems like a lot of work for a $5 pair of leggights.

Well, I sure don’t want to wear anything that stinks like chemicals.  Which brings me to my point.  We should not have to wear clothes – or eat food – made from chemicals. But. We.  Do.  whatever happened to good ol’ fashion cotton?  why does everything have to be synthetic, chemically enhanced or FAKE?  and why do we – why do I – keep the demand going for the supply?  why? why? why?

Our planet is so over run by chemicals we don’t even know what “natural” is anymore. Our food has been so depleted from its natural form.  Even when we eat “naturally” it is a “been trained to eat corn instead of grass” fed cow, chicken or pig that has been treated like an incredible hulk, pumped with antibiotics, expected to grow exponentially over night in order to feed our over fed stomaches faster than we can even process our last meal.  The demand creates the supply.  So why? why? why? do we settle for chemically processed food and clothing and who knows what else?

I mean seriously… maybe the Amish are onto something… but i like my car, electricity, phone and my zippers too much.

It makes me want to live off the grid… but since most everything that we purchase is synthetic or chemically produced in some form, this STINK is going to be hard to avoid.  Still, i long for the days when we can all live more naturally… in the woods, eating tree bark and bugs.  Not really… but at least natural enough so that our jeans and leggights don’t STINK, and our food isn’t so overly incredibly hulk pumped and processed.

Yes, i long for the day… so until then, and this will be tough… i am going to wear leaves and twigs for clothes.  Not really… but i am returning those leggights and avoiding clothing that is overly synthetically produced and stinky, while eating only organic chicken or beef, and I am planning to spend most of time in my all natural stretchy pants.

Profoundly Noted by: Les Babs

Selah’s Outfit
Shirt ~ Walmart Organic Cotton
Skirt ~ Baby Gap / Thrift Store Find

Leslie’s Outfit
Earrings ~ somewhere in Columbia
Dress ~ Free People / Goodwill Find
Tank ~ Target 
Leggights ~ Target… you just read the whole story

One thought on “Stinky Pants

  1. Melissa says:

    Ok!!! I totally thought I was the ONLY one who knew what stinky jeans were!!! I have these jeans that are so smelly, no matter how many times I wash themthey still smell. I've had them for 2 years & they came from Kohls. Thought it was just me. Lol thanks for being real,les. Loved the blog (as always) 🙂


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