How To Break A Habit

This week as “Mom”… I was an Accountant, a Dentist, a Mood Changer and a Loser.

I have a habit of procrastinating the things I should be doing in exchange for pretty much anything else…

So this week, guess what I was doing on Tuesday, April 17th?  That’s right, you guessed it!  I was playing accountant and finishing up our taxes.  There’s nothing like waiting ’til the last minute to keep life interesting.

So, taxes are done and the good news is – we don’t owe as much this year as we have in previous years.  All the paying ahead and keeping track of our crap has paid off. Go Me!

Even though I have a habit of procrastinating some things, I did not procrastinate being a dentist this week.  Soleil’s loose tooth that was hanging on for dear life, finally started to show signs of letting go.  Now this tooth has had an attachment to our sweet Soleil for some time now.  It’s been lose for forever, and we were beginning to think she would never lose it.

But after school on Monday, she was eating a snack in the car and the tooth was finally ready to come out. And even though blood and saliva make my stomach church for the worst, I jumped right in at the opportunity to pull this tooth out, cause it was just barely hangin’ on by a bloody thread.

Thank God that tooth is gone.  Go Me.

Today I was a mood changer. Sometimes, I hit a slump and become a grump.  So today, I was in the worst mood this side of Columbus and I just couldn’t. move. on.  
I woke up feeling great.  We’d had a great day on Friday.  And I had big plans for this stay-at-home-yucky-weather-Saturday.  I was gonna get a “bunch of stuff done” around the house. But it never happened.  It was just one of “those days”… and as the clock ticked onward, I felt my mood quickly. spiraling. downward.
I prayed. I read my Bible. I was hanging out with the wee Babs and trying not to worry about the “stuff” I planned to accomplish. I talked about it with P.A…. and he’s really good at understanding my “emo” side and encouraging me thru it.  But it just wouldn’t. go. away…
Until around 6p.m., P.A. sweetly strongly suggested I would feel better if I worked out.  So, I walked on the treadmill and started praying. 2 miles and 100 sit-ups later, my mood completely changed.  The negative crap swirling around in my mind just lifted off of me and the rest of the evening was much better.
The habits of prayer and exercise are good habits, that I plan to sustain for a lifetime. Go Me.

This week I was a loser.  I lost Selah’s plug (binky) and she was immediately forced into breaking a habit she’s had for 2 years and 3 1/2 months all of her life.

I never looked up “How to wean your child off the pacifier”… or “10 Tips on taking away your toddler’s binky”.  I just lost it.  Over the past 2 years and 3 1/2 months of her life, we have lost plugs or thrown them away because she got into a habit of chewing holes in some of them.  But this was her very last plug and we kept declaring, “After she’s two we’ll take away this plug once and for all…” And we kept procrastinating taking away this plug… because that’s what we do.  Procrastinate.

The first night was rough.  She cried for nearly an hour before finally falling asleep. At one point, P.A. offered to run to Target and buy another one, but we decided to deal with the tears. She woke up a few times that night and woke up at about 5a.m. the following morning.

I don’t do well with little sleep because I {heart} sleep. So, it’s been an interesting week with less sleep and no plug.  But every night and nap time has been a little easier.  And Selah has asked me to hold her as she’s falling asleep, which I don’t mind at all.  She has also started holding her bunny that says a prayer when you push on its tummy, “Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep, that angels watch me thru the night, until I wake in morning light. Amen.” After about 30 times of pushing the bunny’s tummy, she falls asleep.

Salem did find the lost plug a few days ago, mixed in with his toys.  We threw it away before Selah saw it.  But she’s a creative little chick.  She did try and and use this toy she found at a friends house last night as a replacement.  However, it didn’t really work out…

So, the taxes are done, the tooth is gone, I’m in a better mood, the plug habit is officially kicked, and I am looking forward to the new roles I will play in the new adventures I am bound to have, this week as Mom.  Go Me.

Are there any habits you need to kick?  

My advice: Prayer. Exercise. Go Cold Turkey. Procrastination is for the Birds. 


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