The Mystery

Our family celebrated Easter last weekend with a beautiful service at our amazing church. Easter is a humbling time of year.  This Easter season, I’ve been meditating on 3 things that Jesus modeled ~ which He invites me to join with Him ~ Suffering, Sacrifice and Salvation.  Philippians 3:10-11.

I can not begin to compare my sufferings to His.  I have everything I need… and more. I live in a place where I am free to worship as I choose.  I am free to follow Jesus. And I am free to tell others about my relationship with Him.  It rarely feels like I’m suffering…

On Good Friday, our church had a ‘Cross Walk’.  We walked with a group of peeps from our church down the main drag in our town, taking turns carrying a large wooden cross, for 2 1/2 miles.  We share in what Christ did when He carried His own cross to Calvary before He was crucified. And remember that He tells us we must take up our own cross to follow Him.  Matthew 16:24-28.

We ended the evening with a time of food and fellowship. Our church has celebrated Good Friday with this tradition for the past 6 years.  This year, as we were preparing to leave on the Cross Walk, our 2 year old Selah was messing around with the cross and got a taste of suffering… she got two splinters.  She kept saying, “I’m okay now”, as she bravely sucked her finger and the pain subsided.  Still, the splinters had to be removed.

Even in these simple moments of pain and bravery, I can see God teaching me more about Him and suffering

When I became a mom nearly 8 years ago, I couldn’t believe what a sacrifice it was to take care of another person 24-7.  To give of my own life, as I was suddenly given another life to care for.  Motherhood happens instantly, there’s no transition time – in case you didn’t know, btw… and that advice was free.  The crying, the attention, the feedings, the time spent, the time I no longer had, the neediness of a baby… oh my!  I had no idea what was involved in motherhood.  The past 8 years, I have learned more… and I understand it more.  The Lord continually sums it up for me ~ sacrifice.

Even in the everyday motherhood moments, God is teaching me more about Him and I can taste of what it means to sacrifice…

The Mystery is God’s revealed plan of salvation.  I am humbled to have my salvation in Christ.  It is a mystery to fully understand, but I believe it.  I Timothy 3:16.  In Jesus I trust, surrender my life, and submit myself to.

I am thankful for each day I have to walk with Jesus, to grow in knowledge of Him, to abide in Him.  This is the most precious gift I could ever receive… salvation.

I hope and pray you have the knowledge of Christ and can share in His sufferings, sacrifice and salvation.  If not, I would love to pray with you to receive Him ~ yes, even thru this blog!

I would love to share these lyrics from one of my favorite songs, “Mystery” by Charlie Hall ~

“Sweet Jesus Christ my sanity… Sweet Jesus Christ my clarity… 

Bread of Heaven, broken for me… Cup of Salvation held up to drink… Jesus the Mystery

Christ has died and Christ is risen and Christ will come again!”

Noted By ~ Les Babs


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