Smith Rock Gold for the Olympics

This week we’ve been watching The Olympics.

It is inspiring to watch other people achieve their goals.
It is exciting to think of accomplishing our own goals.
It is an amazing gift to live out our goals, dreams, desires, plans, hopes, purposes, pursuits…

Tho I would love to consider myself an Olympian hopeful, I am admittedly past my prime, and the closest I could come to a possible medal would be in Racewalking.  
I’m a pretty fast walker.

There are no Olympic medals given for hiking, but I’ve been in training… well if you can consider racewalking on my treadmill with the incline set on 7.5, training…

It’s always been a goal of ours to hike the Misery Ridge Trail at Smith Rock in central Oregon.  Smith Rock is considered a rock climbing mecca, famous for thousands of climbs. Adam’s sister and her family live 5 minutes from this beautiful piece of the planet.  So one morning we took the opportunity to accomplish one of our goals – while Auntie Amber watched the kiddos – and hiked the Misery Ridge Trail.
In spite of the name, it was super fun 🙂

We awarded ourselves a Gold medal.

Top of Smith Rock

“Monkey Face” rock in the background

clicking a pic over one of the cliffs we hiked around – ahhh! and one of the trails below in the background

Taking a break in the cleft of a rock…


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