We are known to many as “The Babs Fam”… 
We are known to ourselves as “The Backyardigan’s” 🙂
Like those five animated cartoon characters who create and sing their way thru imaginative adventures…
We love our backyard.  
Our backyard plays host to many Babs Fam Adventures…

Today we had a ‘hey, let’s throw Elmo in the tree and then try crazy ways to get him down’ adventure in our backyard.  It was so. much. fun.
Selah reaching for her “Melmo”

The first attempt to getting him out of the tree ~ Adam & Salem swinging up to it (on our homemade tree swing) ~ Salem was planning to reach it 🙂

The second attempt ~ Daddy lifting up Salem to kick Elmo out of the tree 

Third attempt ~ Soleil lifted up, gave a kick ass HI-YA! but still. no. elmo

Fourth attempt ~ Selah hurled into the air by Daddy…

YES!  Elmo was finally out of the tree…

No fifth attempt of Daddy trying to lift up Mommy up to the tree and throwing his back out was needed.

But only temporarily… we just had to have the adventure again 🙂

After all, the story is still only Half Written… 

Yes, the 
Five Fab Babs, just like the five Backyardigans ~ love creating fun family adventures to have right in our own backyard.

What adventures have you created lately? 


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