I think I might have something to say…..Ya,I know,  there are many, manyblogs out there that run the gamut of recipes to research and the last thing this world needs is one more voice. But, I think I have something to say. I didn’t always think I had something to say… I use to think that my voice, my thoughts, my random ideas on life were no big deal and no different from anyone else. I use to think that this world has become so over saturated with so much input that what could one more voice, one more person’s words really add to the already claustrophobic atmosphere of expression, the cacophony of the communicated word. But then, I had an epiphany…. maybe, just maybe someone out there might want to know what I have to say. Maybe they will be able to relate to a story, a perspective, an idea, and what I have to say might bring some life, some laughter, some sense of movement, or another step to urge them on their journey. So now you have it. I hope you enjoy the entries @ BE A DUDE and each shot of espresso for your soul.  Because we All have something to say, and we all have someone who wants to read about, listen to, and connect with us…. God ( He reads blogs too ya know : ) 

Noted. By Adam Babs

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