Those who spend enough time with me find out the inevitable, I have a short fuse.  I get angry.  I get irritated about the simplest of things and often my way of “handling things” can get a little ugly.
I yell.  I cry.  I sometimes
 kick and hit inanimate objects. I (almost) look like my (almost) two year old.
Over the years, I’ve broken two or three hairbrushes in the midst of my outbursts.
But most recently, Soleil’s brush – the only one she will use (and we’ve tried out several) – was broken in half.
“I didn’t do it!”  I shouted with relief.
No, this time it was an innocent accident.
Selah grabbed it off of the counter, it fell down and broke into two pieces.
How can a brush break into two pieces, if not slammed against something?  …I wondered.
Well, I bought it at the dollar store… I should’ve known.
Soleil will not brush her hair now, so she goes to school looking slightly disheveled.
I tried coaxing her into using my brush…but to no avail.
She uses her fingers to comb thru her tangles, and that suffices – for now.
Brushes are expensive these days… so this time I tried out the Target dollar spot – and had high hopes of this brush lasting Soleil’s lifetime…
Alas, it did not – she gave it a whirl and half way thru her fine hair, she caved and rejected this brush.
So, I resorted to extraordinary measures.  I bought a baby brush – the ol’ standby.  And it works just fine for her fine locks.  I’m thankful that God knows every hair on her head (Matthew 10:30).  I’m certain that He desires to take good care of them, just like I do.
The baby brush cost $4. Anger can be costly too. Trust broken. Feelings hurt. Bitterness lingering. Souls wounded.
I’ve learned many a lesson from broken brushes. I need to spend my ‘angry time’ wisely. On things that I should be angry about – God, break our hearts for the things that make your heart break – not Brushes.

Noted. By Les Babs

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