New Year’s Failures

On New Year’s Eve, we asked our 3 wee Bab’s, “What are your New Year’s Resolutions?”  After several “What’s, Why’s and Who cares???”, they gave us some answers for the taking.

Soleil: “I want to learn how to be a Teacher.”

Parents: “You are already a teacher. You teach your brother and sister lots of things.”

Soleil: “No, I want to learn how to be a real Teacher – a School Teacher.”  She is so literal.  She’s so black and white.  There’s no fooling her.

Selah: “Two”

Parents: We thought, this is an appropriate answer – she just turned two years old and we’ve been saying, “You’re two! You’re two!” repeatedly the last few weeks.

Again, another literal answer from our second daughter. TWO. She will succeed at being TWO for her 2012 New Year’s Resolution.

But what about all of those New Year’s Resolutions we hope for ourselves, which are less attainable?

The resolutions which somewhere, someone’s statistics try to prove ‘That won’t last thru January’ – the ones which will most likely fail.  These are the resolutions which require more work. more prayer. more surrender. more hope.

Is failure our fate?                                                                                                                         Should we just give it up and quit trying all together?

Our sweet son, Salem gave us his hopeful answers.

Salem: “I want to learn how to read, so I can read the Bible” – {insert parental gushing here} – and btw, No, we did not feed him that answer.  Yes, Salem can learn to read in the year 2012.  He will eventually be reading his Bible.  Literally.

His second resolution…”And I want to learn how to exercise, so I can do the treadmill!”

You see, I am not sure this is every little 5-year-old boys dream for 2012; but Salem spent a lot of time downstairs with me, playing with trains or Lego’s, as I logged 938 miles on the treadmill in 2011.  He probably figured, mom does this treadmill thing and makes it look so cool, so I want to learn how. Amidst all of his enthusiasm, Adam & I looked at each other and smiled.  He caught our glance and said…”but I’m to small to do the treadmill”.  Still, he can try… He can still hope.

I don’t think he’s going to give up his dream of using the treadmill so easily.

Adam & I have many New Year’s resolutions for 2012 ~ travel, save money to travel more, walk more closely with God, grow in our marriage and family,  fully live in and enjoy the present moment ~ even the difficult ones.

So, why?  Why do we give up our resolutions, hopes, goals, dreams for the New Year so easily?  Why do statistics somewhere that someone made up, exist to say “that won’t last thru January”?

I think we lose hope so easily.  We don’t want to be hurt or disappointed in life, so we give up hoping and dreaming all together.

2012 New Year’s Resolutions become 2012 New Year’s Failures. And we accept it.

But we don’t have to ~ we can choose to live out our resolutions. We can still hope, be disappointed, dream again, get hurt and hope again. Don’t lose hope.

Let’s prove ’em wrong… why not?  Let’s change the New Year’s failure stats. Let’s all start by using the treadmill, and at least try and make it thru to February.


2 thoughts on “New Year’s Failures

  1. Chrissy Ryan says:

    Nope. Not doing a treadmill. No way. No how! 🙂 I love my Wii Fit. HAHA!! This sounds like a pat answer but my goal is to try and hear Gods voice when he speaks to me. Not for a “resolution” per se. I want to be totally and completely available to hear Gods voice. I want to be that intuned to Him. It seems the longer I walk with him and become closer to Him the more I “hear his voice.” I know I’m going off track with the treadmill thing but just thinking about not just resolutions but a life style.
    I know I have failed many times with my aspirations to do or not do certain things. I do know however, if I allow God to be part of my every day life the big and the small things that I hear him more often. So I don’t really have a resolution I have a life style that I hope and pray honors God.


  2. Christy says:

    You make such a great post. I’ve always wondered why everyone waits until the beginning of the year to make a “resolution” only to be done in the coming months.

    I love that your resolutions are simple and quite attainable. Along with the kids list (melted my heart). And oh my gosh 938 miles in a year! You go girl! WHO HOO!!


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