I’m no longer a slave to fear… I am a child of God


Worship broke out in an incredible way on Sunday… Spontaneous songs from the hearts of our people rose up to heaven and touched God’s ears. A month ago, I sang over our church a phrase the Lord spoke to my spirit… “This is the day, You have marked us with a new sound”. Sounds have been stirring, waiting for their time of release. Sunday was that day… and this is my feeble attempt to share the beauty of what we experienced.

We sang “King of My Heart“, “Where I Belong“, and “Great are You Lord” …”It’s Your breath in our lungs as we pour out our praise, we pour out our praise…” Our praise was literally POURED OUT in a tangible way! Voices filled up the room. We waited in a space of silence. To some it possibly felt like an eternity. Honestly, it can hardly be explained… yet the words sprang forth… spontaneous worship from myself and co-worship leader and the congregation… God began to stir up phrases in our hearts and minds…


We settled into space. We settled into a time where the music volume was minor and the presence of God enveloped our space… we waited… I sang “I won’t let the rocks cry out in my place. I will worship… if God is giving you a song, sing it out.” we waited… Sounds of humming and soft singing swept across the room…

We tasted the goodness of God {Psalm 34:8}

When I’m leading worship, at times I look out in the audience and ‘check’ how people are responding. Are they connected? Or… My eyes are closed. Tight… this can’t be right. Am I connected? I have to see… Is anyone freaking out about the space? the spontaneous? the physical expression of worship happening across the room? …I sneak a peek. I squeeze one eye open 😉 not really. I open my eyes for a moment. Only to shut them again. Eyes open or closed, I am connected. To My Father.

Then we sang “No Longer Slaves” “I’m no longer a slave to fear, I am a CHILD OF GOD”. Whoa. I shouted. I danced. I proclaimed this TRUTH over myself and over our church! I am a child of God. We are children of God! I was worshipping with everything in me. I can only imagine what it looked like for David in 2 Samuel 6:14, but I can picture myself in his good company, as he danced before the Lord with all his might.

He’s inviting you to dance… May we pursue the presence of living God as we worship, and may we be willing to fall into His loving arms and dance with Him. You are a child of God. He loves you.

In Him, Leslie

*Thoughts, comments, prayer requests? I would love to hear from you! And feel free to share our stories at halfwrittenrecords.com

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