Our lives revolve around *This Screen*

I’ve been plagued with the reality that much of my life in twenty-fourteen consists of my staring into the face of a screen. 

There is no reason other than this is a season of life we are in with unlimited access to this screen we look in. 

When this screen is uncovered, the world is discovered, with one swipe, one press, one click of our finger tips.

This screen is sleek glamourous gritty and dangerous, chipping away our precious time and attention from others that need us.

This screen is a fierce competitor with our marriages, children, parents, friendships, fellowship, and any. other. relationships.

This screen is information, greetings and salutations, opinions and prose as the author knows, there is always a story to be told.

This screen is an expression of diction, weaved with some inhibition, promising freedom of speech, words wide open to impeach.  

This screen is a roll of images and artwork, online classes and networks, social and formal, all realms of relationships.

This screen is an open window of human life at its finest and human life at its lowest. Craving attention, visually exposed, at our worst, at our best. 

This screen knows no boundaries or barriers, except the ones set in place by the carriers of. the. screen.

This screen is a magnet for addiction, secrecy and conviction, exposed from behind the perceived safety of the screen.

This screen dances upon our emotions causing laughter, joy, pain and jealousy. excitement, anticipation, anger and insecurity. 

This screen is a mixed bag of the good and the bad. the ugly and the beautiful. images and words, some miserable, some helpful. 

This screen is a choice. what we seek, what we search. the wise and the unwise. what brings joy, what brings hurt. 

This screen is a view of the weak and the strong. The truth and the lies. The noise and the song. 

This screen. Do we recognize its place our lives – in our pockets and purses, in our hands, by our side, at the table, the couch, indoors and outside.

This screen. Do we recognize how much our lives revolve around it – timed by it, board by it, excited, motivated, saddened and shocked by it.

Days, hours, and moments we are faced with choice – will we be a voice? asking – How much of our time, energy, resources and relationships will be poured into a screen? How much our time, energy, resources and relationships will be poured into life giving things? 

We have a choice. We have the option. We have the freedom – to reject our lives revolving around this screen

I certainly have a conflicted love/hate relationship with the internet and this screen. What are your thoughts? 

Please. Do. Share. 

In Him, Leslie 


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