Pride & Roar

We live in a middle-of-nowhere town in central Ohio called Pickerington… ever heard of it? No. well, neither had I [ever heard of it] until we moved here.
Let me describe it to you… it’s surrounded by corn fields… and another town called Reynoldsburg. That pretty much sums it up.
We do have a Target. Well, technically Reynoldsburg has the Target, but we are close neighbors, so it’s also our Target.

We moved to Pickerington from New York City in 2005. When we visited for our interview, at the church we now Pastor, we were whisked off of the plane and taken to a house in the middle-of-nowhere, nowhere. Are these people we just met from this church we’ve never been to going to abandon us out here and leave us for dead? The thought did cross my mind. 

Instead, we were warmly welcomed into a beautiful home in the middle-of-nowhere by a group of wonderful people interviewing us for the position of Youth Pastor and his wife and kid.
Afterward, we drove into a sea of corn fields Pickerington, and the drive was utter darkness… and silence. It was terrifying. Coming from New York City, where no one ever sleeps, and there are always lights on, and constant noise, into the darkness of the country and have I mentioned the corn fields? well, it was… interesting.

By the next morning, daylight had broken, we could see there was a Target {whew}, and we were in love with our (new) church.
Were we in love with Pickerington? Well… not so much, but we knew God called us to our church.

Now. Our town is famous. Pickerington’s own Central High School students made a video for the Katy Perry song Roar. They entered the contest, made it into the top 5, and Good Morning America is coming to the High School in the morning. We’re famous!
Our daughters dance studio – Passe – is also using the song Roar.
I’ve never been so proud to be a Pickerington – also known as other affectionate names I call it – Picktown – Picktizzytown – resident.
Yeah! Tiger Pride! Roar!

Sooo… just like anywhere or anyone famous, our town / school will have it’s time to shine in the limelight tomorrow. We might win the contest and Katy Perry will find her way thru the surrounding corn fields, she’ll also probably stop by Target, and make an appearance at the High School. Then what? 
Life as we know it in Picktown will go on as normal. 
Parents will go to work. Kids will go to school. Life will go on…
and Picktizzytown will always have its famous moment etched in their history books forever.

Yet I believe this historical moment is brewing something more in this town…
It is stirring up pride…
Renewing creativity, raising up voices, and reminding us to Roar.

Roar for what matters.
Roar for those who can’t voice it themselves.
Roar beside those who need encouragement.
Roar for the calling God has placed inside of you. 

This has been our hearts cry from the moment we moved to Picktizzytown.
Nothing has changed for us…
We are called by God to serve and love the people in our church, and our corn field community. 
That’s why we are here.
Katy Perry doesn’t change that…
but because of her song Roar, there is a stirring in our community that has been rising…

My prayer is for our community to Roar thru our great schools, businesses, homes and residents… and my prayer is for the many wonderful churches Pickerington.. that we would raise our voices, and Roar even louder for our God.

Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life ~ His presence in Pickerington will change this town for the ultimate good ~ more than any song, person or contest ever could.

After the lights dim and Good Morning America leaves, Life will go on in Picktown, even better than before… if we let our voices be heard loud and clear and Roar. 

In Him, Leslie


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