What the *Pastors Kids* are doing in church…

Today was like any other, every other Sunday.
Every other Sunday I lead worship, and Pastor daddy brings the kids to church.
On the every other Sundays, “Mommy, are you doing worship today?”
“No, I’m taking you to church.”
We have breakfast, do a few chores, take our Sunday baths, and we’re on our way for our super long, three minute commute, around the corner to church. And usually, we are a few minutes late, which is ridiculous. But, it happens people. Every other Sunday.

We stroll up to the front row, because that’s where Pastor daddy sits and we want to sit with him 🙂
I jump right into worship, both literally and figuratively. {I’m a jumper for Jesus.}
Now, there’s nothing magical about sitting in the front row of a church service, but there is more room.
To jump.
To spin.
To twirl.
To do the splits…
which is what my 3.5 year old dearest daughter was doing this morning, in church.
While we love having kids in our church services, we draw the line at gymnastics while the band is playing “Furious”.

I’m focused on Jesus, from the moment I enter the worship circle…
A few lines into the first song –
my darling 7 year old begins asking, “How many more songs are there, mommy? When will go to class? Will Kyle and Owen be here today?”
After whispering a few million answers, I’m focused again – my hands are raised, my voice is praising and my eyes are closed… until I get hit with a flip flop.
My 7 year old has decided to make a game of “go fetch” with his sister, throwing his crocs and her flip flops toward the stage.
Whoa now, little PK’s. 
You may think you can do whatever you want in church, but sorry – no – this momma’s gotta set some boundaries.
“What are boundaries?” my 3.5 year old asks when I tell her she can’t do the splits during worship anymore.
“Ummm… never mind.”

As worship continues, for a while {because we are a church that loves to worship!} I sit down and take a breather.
I sneak a peek over to my 9 year old. Her eyes are on the screen, she’s focused and learning to worship.
I am holding the 3.5 year old and scared to look over and see what my 7 year old is now up too.
*Sigh* it’s nothing too crazy – he’s reading the words on the screen and only asking me, “Mommy – what does F-U-R-I-O-U-S spell?”  
A few moments later, he’s in some frog-like fetal position asking me [for the billionth time] “When are we going to class?”
“I don’t know, buddy.” [but it sure can’t start soon enough for me!]

Worship is winding down, we pray over our kids before they go off to their classes [hallelujah], and –Oh snap– I still have my 3.5 year old, who refuses to go to her class, with me.
I try taking her {again} into class and she won’t have it.
(Well, you could just make her go.) 
No, no. You don’t understand. She won’t have it. 

But that’s okay, there is much purpose in this…
So we’ll make the best of it, and try to sit thru daddy’s sermon without making too much ruckus.

A few coloring pages, a super tiny nap, and a donut later, the service is winding down.
Whew. We made it through without any major meltdowns.
Miracles still happen, people. Trust me, they do.
We stay and chat for a while after service and I hear from several people, both visitors and regular attenders, how much it meant for them to see our kids acting crazy normal in church.
Our PK’s are ministering to people with their antics, their actions and their attitudes. 

It’s pretty amazing, if you think about it.
God uses the smallest people -*kids*- to minister to adults. 
His Kingdom is coming in a way that will upset the wisdom of this world.
It will be unexpected, unpredictable, underestimated and mis-understood.
His Kingdom is most clearly seen thru the eyes of a child.
We must position ourselves, as children, to *see* how God is moving and what He will do.

As we left church today, our 3 PK’s surprised our socks off again -except that I wasn’t wearing any socks today- but you get the picture.
In the van, on the way home, during our super long three minute commute ~ and all throughout the afternoon ~ they were singing, “Your love never fails, it never gives up, it never gives out on me…” over and over again.

When you think they aren’t listening, they hear.
When you think they aren’t watching, they see.
When you think they don’t understand, they do.

Worship is coming unto Jesus ~ just as a child. 
Trust. Surrender. Obey. 
Then we will *see* His Kingdom Come.

“At the that time the disciples came to Jesus, saying, “Who then is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?” Then Jesus called a little child to Him, set him in the midst of them, and said, “Assuredly, I say to you, unless you are converted and become as little children, you will be no means enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever humbles himself as this little child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. Whoever receives one little child like this in My name receives Me.” {Matthew 18:1-5 NKJV} 

Kids can be ridiculous, but so can adults. We have much to learn from them. I’d love to hear your stories of kids who have ministered to you. Please feel free to share, comment and follow our stories!
In Him, Leslie


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