the office.

tonight we said good-bye to a dear friend of ours…
the office.
we laughed. we cried. we reminisced.
and after everything we’ve shared together on thursday nights over the last 9 seasons, we took a good long hard look at where we’ve been… and where we’ll be…

after watching the series ending of this beloved t.v. show, i am reflecting…
on how much i related to those characters and what happened in their lives…
and how much i want a documentary of my own life to look back on…

a few episodes ago, i really resonated with Erin’s character flipping out when she lost the paper airplane contest in the downstairs warehouse.
she tried keeping her temper in check so her boyfriend Pete wouldn’t see that side of her.
and eventually, she breaks down, freaks out about losing and kicks the crap out of a box.
i’ve done that before.

i resonated with Jim & Pam and their fairytale love story.
their friendship, their love for one another, their family, career decisions and everything else.
i know we are blessed to have a great romance ~ thankfully it didn’t take us four years to figure it out.

i resonated with Andy and his dreams of “what was and what will be”…
he was always looking at what he didn’t have and what he missed from his past.
he lived outside of his present reality much of the time in a world of dreams. hopes. pining for the past and planning for future goals.
all great things.
buuut… sometimes i can get caught up in that ‘i miss such and such and so and so’
aaand…. ‘i wonder such and such about the future’…
i end up neglecting what’s in the present. and i don’t appreciate what i do have. 

my favorite line from this last episode was Andy saying, “i wish you could know you were in the good ol’ days, before you left them…” 
amen Andy. me too.

i want to appreciate the past for what it was and enjoy the present for what it is.
i write, i journal, i take pictures and i tell stories to remember.
i want to remember the last 9 years and more to see how we’ve grown and how much we have to be thankful for.
i don’t have a documentary of the last 9 years of our lives… but 9 years ago everything changed.
soleil was born. we became parents.
with writing, journaling, taking pictures and telling the stories ~ i can remember.
i can enjoy the memories and the present moments simultaneously.
and you. can. too.

thank you ‘office’ for reminding me.

*please feel free to share, comment and follow this blog! thank you for reading 🙂
in Him, Leslie


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