Soleil for President

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I know who I’m voting for on election day…

SoleilYep. My 8 year old daughter will be getting my vote.
Her convictions, ideas and vision for our future are astounding. 

*Here are 5 reasons you also should vote for Soleil on election day*

1. Soleil will remove all cars and replace them with horses for future transportation.  Imagine a world with no more toxins or fuel prices to fuss over. This will save the planet, peeps.

2. Soleil will make sure all children, 5 and up, have iphones.  These iphones will have a feature called *pop outs*.  These *pop outs* will access anything you need. Need food? Need clothing? There’s an app err… a *pop out* for that. Imagine a world where everyone has an iphone with buttons that access and *pop out* anything we need… actually, I think we are well on our way of heading toward this reality. Soleil will make it happen.

3. Soleil sees a future where money is not needed… except to buy your iphone. This will be our only need for money – so that no one is greedy.  

4. Soleil will equip every house with an invention – a button.  You will push this button to set up parties or a place for gymnastics. She sees a future where everyone will be healthier by having parties and doing gymnastics. Sounds good to me. 

5. Soleil will ensure all bad people are exiled to space. This point speaks for itself.

Soleil for President, Everyone – Hip Hip Hooray!

Obviously I live in reality and Soleil is not a presidential candidate.  Just to clarify any confusion.  Although she does have some wonderful ideas, her name won’t appear on the ballot.  
We will have to make a *for real* decision for this upcoming election.  How will you decide? 

As a Christ follower, The Bible is my ultimate authority.In this “election season” I am reminded of Romans 13:1-14. 

Yes, I will choose a *for real* candidate. But first, I choose to pray continually, trust wholeheartedly and live my life fully… so that~regardless of the election outcome~I know God is in control.

He’s got this.


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