The Chicken vs. Sexuality War

Unless you are worm living in the dirt under a rock or you are too enthralled with The Olympics to pay attention to anything else, you’ve probably heard of or read about the recent “support that chicken place vs. the rights to our sexuality” debate.

As much as I’d love to list my own wonderful opinions on either side of the matter…
I’m going to engage in the story by sharing my own hearts cry

My love for Jesus, for chicken and for all people.

Jesus wants all of us. He desires a relationship with every person on this earth.

Jesus wants every part of us.  He wants every part of our whole being ~ body, mind and soul ~ from our sexuality to the food we put in our mouths, whether it be chicken from a certain restaurant or not.

Jesus wants every part of us fully surrendered unto Him. Any part that we don’t fully surrender to Jesus – whether it be what we eat, our sexuality or anything else – can become an idol. Idols are anything we Worship, or have excessive devotion to, within a society or culture. Our golden calf. Our cross to bear. Our favorite American Idol. Our modus operandi. Our ______ (you fill in the blank).

Culture wars and cultural norms can easily become idols.

It used to be a cultural norm to own slaves. It used to be a cultural norm for only men to vote. It used to be a cultural norm to smoke anywhere. It used to be a cultural norm for everyone to wear bell bottoms. It used to be a cultural norm for everyone to use an entire can of hairspray on their bangs in one day… or at least that’s what I was doing in the 7th grade…

The chicken vs. sexuality war raging now is a Culture War fighting for New Cultural Norms. Jesus is not surprised by any of this. Idols have been around since day #1. To America and beyond: we have a lot of idols, that are of a sexual nature and beyond.  And throughout the years of history, some of our idols have changed and some have stayed the same. Humor me and read 2 Timothy 3:1-7.  Sound familiar?

Jesus calls us into the Worship of Himself more than anything. He is more important than our sexuality or what/where we eat.  Worship of Jesus moves us from places of brokenness and bondage and brings us into Freedom. True freedom, for every part of us ~ body, mind and soul ~ can only be found by abiding in Jesus (John 8:31-36).

We shouldn’t get our panties in a wad to defend our sexual rights or what and where we eat… Culture wars are typically dripping with offense, unforgiveness, hurt, bitterness and hate. If we are drowning ourselves and our focus on the culture wars, we won’t be prepared for the spiritual battle that is raging. Ephesians 6:10-20. We must speak in truth and in love, without compromise.  The war we should be fighting is for what and for whom we Worship.

The Worship of Jesus will change, transform, justify and renew us. Titus 3:1-11.  

Let us fully surrender every part of our lives ~ body, mind and soul ~ to Him and keep our focus on Him.  Let us not boast in our sexuality or where we eat chicken.  Let us boast in the Worship of Jesus, knowing His Love and His Glory!


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