A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words…

June has gone by way. too. quickly.
If it was the wonderful winter months of January, February or March, I wouldn’t mind the pace.
But slow down, June.

So much happened in June. 
Soleil finished the second grade and performed in her first ballet recital. Salem finished pre-school and Selah stopped sleeping well. 
P.A.’s car broke down. We spent $500 on that good time.
We had a garage sale, got rid of some crap and made some money to pay off P.A.’s car.
We also raised money for our church’s upcoming mission trip to Haiti. 
We spent a lot of time outside enjoying the sunshine.
We experienced God in amazing ways with our church peeps and during our services.
And last but not least, my amazing parents (The Grand Rowley’s) came to visit us from Oklahoma.
I’m pretty sure I enjoyed it all.
I am thankful I took a lot of pictures. 

Sometimes P.A. teases me for taking so many pictures. 
Sure. I want my computer to run slow. So I take lots of pictures and then download all of them without sorting thru them and deleting the not-as-great pics. 
Sure. I’ll do that one day. Never.
Now I take all my pics on my phone because I want my phone to run slow. 
And, I take lots of different shots of the same picture to capture the memory perfectly.
I have to keep them all because, after all, there is really no such thing as bad pics of the wee babs. in my humble opinion.
After all, A Picture really is Worth a Thousand Words.

So here are a Thousand Pictures (actually only 29) – with a few descriptive words and a sweet story at the end – to catch you up on our life in June… Enjoy 🙂

P.A. has been working hard in our backyard, updating the play set, fixing the pond and planting our first berry bushes.

Salem showing off a “berry smoothie mustache”. Smoothies are a summer fav!

The girls dipping the baby doll in our pond

A rare moment of stillness and cuddles, captured

Selah enjoying the water slide
Our home-made water slide – they love it!

Selah and mommy swinging 
Selah asleep mid-lunch after outdoor fun
Two squirts on a turtle…nuff said 🙂

Soleil’s last day of second grade

milk bubbles

Soleil and Daddy – chess face off

My dad and I making a home-made pizza

Adam and my dad discussing the blood type diet

Selah pretending she is asleep with Grammy

Our attempt to get a picture of the seven of us after Soleil’s recital. Failed.  

the girls 🙂

Papa and Salem

Papa and Selah

We celebrated my dad’s 60th Birthday during their visit. Salem painted his shirt – it is a picture of Grandpa

A great pic of the Grand Rowley’s with the wee Bab’s 🙂

Swinging with Grammy

bird watcher

more swinging ~ at Chestnut Ridge

Not sure how much they could see with their old fashion binoculars, lol 🙂

little monkey’s 

teaching 🙂

Salem saying good bye ~ he calls my dad “Silly Grandpa”
Last, but certainly not least, my favorite picture.  
This picture was a miracle. 
One shot. Everyone looking at the camera. Everyone smiling. A miracle people.
This was taken at Five bean~our favorite local coffee shop~just before my parents were preparing to get on the road again and drive back to Oklahoma. We snagged Tracy, the owner to snap a quick pic after we had our coffee and bagels.  During my parents visit, we kept hoping and trying to get a picture taken of all of us.  We tried different times, then at the last moment, it happened. Click!
Then another unexpected miracle.
Another regular Five Bean customer was there, an older man, wearing an OU hat (University of Oklahoma-Sooners). Turns out his kids live in Oklahoma. What a small world. 
He runs outside and grabs his super nice camera, comes back in and click. click. click. He snaps a few more shots of the seven of us. 
The next day, P.A. goes into Five Bean for his daily visit and Tracy gives him 3 copies of the beautiful photo our friend took with his super nice camera.  
Not only did we have an amazing picture taken of all of us, but we now had THREE printed copies.  We kept one, gave one to the Grand Rowley’s and one to the Great-Grand Rowley’s in Oklahoma. 
I was so touched by this priceless gift. I almost didn’t know what to do with myself. We rarely print out photos anymore. We keep them on our computer, so our computer will run slowly. Printing photos seems so “two years ago”.
This picture says more than a Thousand Words… 
I am so thankful for it.

Sooo… click. click. click. and document your own half written records with priceless pictures…


2 thoughts on “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words…

  1. Chrissy says:

    My sister is a photo fiend just like you Leslie. I read her a bit of this blog and she just smiled. 🙂 I love all your pictures. They are amazing and make me really happy! You have a wonderful family. I love your reality blogs too. These blogs are a bit of sunshine in my life. I'm so happy you got that perfect picture of all of you.


  2. Christy says:

    June really has flown by, hasn't it? Lots & lots of pictures are a must, who needs to scrapbook when your pictures say a million words. Love you all!! So glad you got to spend time with your parents:)


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