March Madness

The month of March can be a maddening month for us.  and it has absolutely nothing to do with the NCAA.  or basketball of any kind.  basketball bores me to tears.  I was randomly switching channels the other night, which is rare because if I have the remote it is because I am turning on PBS for the wee babs to watch cartoons.  but on this rare evening I was switching channels and stumbled upon a basketball game.  i watched it.  for a few seconds.  i started to tear up and cringe. i couldn’t take the squeak of the shoes.  sorry to offend any basketball lovers who read our blog.

So, back to our Babs March Madness…

There are several reasons the month of March can be maddening for our family – here are the top 5:

1. the weather
2. it seems like an extra long month because February is short, so we find ourselves pleading to just get it over with
3. extra hectic schedules
4. our taxes are due in a few weeks and i am not organized and my ducks are rarely in a row, so i am usually stressing to get our crap together at the last minute, and because PA is a Pastor, we always owe
5. i typically have a “I can’t take winter anymore!” meltdown in March

But this March has been strangely different…

1. we have had amazing weather.  we think this is happening due to global warming.  a few years ago we watched the Al Gore global warming movie “An Inconvenient Truth”. we were convinced global warming was the worst. thing. ever.  but since the weather in central Ohio has been so unseasonably amazing this March, we are cool with global warming.
2. February had an extra day this year, so… so far, March seems like it’s flying by
3. even though our schedules are just as hectic as they typically are, this March is also filled with a lot of fun stuff, like conferences and friends coming into town to visit and good weather. and since the weather has been so amazing we’ve been outside a lot, which puts our whole family in a way. better. mood.
4. i’ve spent so many months of March stressing about our taxes that i’ve finally learned i will never be organized enough to not stress at all, even if it’s just a little. and i’m okay with that. we always save to pay, so the owing money part is no longer a surprise to us, making March tax prep season a little easier to get thru each year.
5. it’s now March 19th.  we are over half way thru the month and i have not a had a March meltdown.  in previous March months, the meltdowns have been triggered by stress and winter dragging on and on.  one March, we had a huge winter storm and i didn’t leave my house for 5 days.  i almost went insane.  this year, thanks to global warming, the time outside has helped prevent any major meltdowns.

And so has God.  really, i can only give Him all the glory for protecting me from madness and insanity happening this March. Yes, He is ultimately in control of the weather and all that jazz, but it’s more than just a surface warm weather phenomena.  it’s not about global warming.  or hectic schedules.  or taxes that are due. this March has been strangely different.  God has changed my heart and i can see how He has been teaching me all along.  i am so thankful this March.  i am fully enjoying the present moments.    

i am because He Is.
God is greater than any March madness or meltdowns or hectic schedules or taxes we have to pay or global warming.

He transcends time and turns March madness into fully enjoying all of the March Moments.


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