the truth is…

i have rather large feet for someone of my stature… i wear a size 10 shoe, weigh 100 + pounds, and i’m only 5’3″… i know, it’s so bizarre.  and that’s on a good day.  those days when i’m really focused on my posture, sucking in (my jello) and standing up straight.  on the rest of the days of my life, which are the majority of days, i’m probably slouched over, closer to 5’2″.  these are the days i typically feel out of proportion.  and with size 10 feet, no wonder i’m always tripping over my self… hmmm.

the truth is… i used to be embarrassed by my big feet, and now i see it as another way God has made me unique.

when i was in high school and college choir, i always sang as a soprano (the melody part, for those of you who don’t know).  i would audition and sing the soprano parts because i thought that was the “cool” thing to do.  because being in choir is. really. cool. (for those of you who don’t know).  i also have a low speaking voice.  i don’t sound like a guy or anything, but my voice is low.  so, although i was good at singing soprano, i was really in denial.  I am an alto.

the truth is… i used to want to be a soprano, but i am glad God made me an alto. God gave me the ability to sing harmony and He gave me a voice that is unique.

one day, P.A. and i really want to go on the Amazing Race.  we keep saying “when the kids get older”… but we don’t want to procrastinate our dreams. and what if the show is off air by that point? what fun it would be to experience running around the world together, competing against other teams.  it would be so. much. fun.  and we would be hilarious.  it is a dream of ours to be on that show.  all the contestants have a story.  our story would be great for the Amazing Race.  we love to travel, love to compete, we are parents, we are married and best friends, we are employed by God.  would our relationship be able to survive the stress? would the Babs have what it takes to win the Amazing Race?  what drama.

the truth is… we would love to experience the fullness of the Amazing Race.  and sure, it would also be nice to win a million dollars.  to be the first team employed by God to win the Amazing Race would be unique.  

i know i have big feet, a low voice, and a dream of experiencing the Amazing Race for a reason.  unique reasons.

the truth is… i don’t look like anyone else.  i don’t sound like anyone else.  i am unique.  i want to embrace the unique characteristics i have and the desires God has put inside my heart.  the truth is i never want to be anything but unique.

and who knows…?  watch out because next season, you might just see the Babs running the Amazing Race…


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