Powered to B. Faster Breakfast

I grew up in California, And one thing ( of the many, trust me ) that  Californian’s are made fun of is there hippie eating ways. But something can be said for a state that boast’s the sunset strip, the San Andreas fault , and a society of super health freaks all in one. I was eating healthy and organic before I could even say “tofu”. And in case you’re wondering, I am not a vegetarian, and I am not a vegan, I do eat meat-  I heart Meat. I am what I call a Whole Food Eater, I eat a whole lot of  food that has a whole lot of good stuff in it  and NO bad stuff ( bad stuff- meaning things made in a test tube in some plutonium lab ). Basically, If I have to get on Wikipedia to find out what’s in it, can’t pronounce it, or it reads like the name of some random disease on a star trek episode, I am NOT going to eat it.
And so, one thing I do like to eat a whole lot of is breakfast food… and I am a busy guy and I need some serious fuel for the day. So if you are busy like me- do yourself a favor and fuel up with this little ditty of a sammy.
And better yet- compared to Panera Bread’s wannabe breakfast sandwich’s that sells for almost $4 a pop, I can make it for under a dollar.
So, In the time it takes you to wait in the drive thru of your local McFatty’s, you can have this cooked up and down your gullet to nourish you til noon.
POWERED  to B. faster Sandwich
Total Calories:  210
Prep/Cook Time: 5 minutes
The Ingredients:
1 egg ( cage free and/or organic is best: The only thing in a cage should be a fighter  )
A dash of S & P to your liking
1 Slice of Ezekiel  or Multigrain bread ( No chemically induced white bread – bleach is for your tighty whitey’s,  not your stomach! )
1/2 slice of cheese ( smoked gouda or smoked cheddar is best )
Some Popeye style Greens: 1 or more of your choice:  A Handful of alfalfa sprouts, Romaine Lettuce, Spinach, or if you have real guts- power it up like Mario with some Kale.
Some slices of Roma Tomato
And if you have it, you can also add:
a slice of nitrate free turkey bacon ( why eat a chemically injected bird? )
How to cook it:
Toast the bread
1 quick spray of canola oil in a small pan
Crack the egg & beat it in the pan like Rocky knock’s out  Mr. T !
Cook until done on side 1 for 1min. & flip it ( throw on the cheese to melt it )
Cut the Toast in Half
Layer the greens, tomato, egg, & whatever else you got on the toast, slam on the egg & cheese and eat it up….
It’s also easy to eat in the car, on your Harley, subway train, bike- whatever/wherever, and it’s great paired up with some fresh OJ.
Now get out there and do some good Superhero, the world’s been waiting for ya!

Noted. By Adam Babs

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