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Hello.  It’s me again.  Now bear with me… I don’t want to cause anyone of you any undue stress.


In the interest of forsaking all boredom, and for a random reason to stay up all night, P.A. and I have decided to merge our blogs and make a Babs family blog.

You might be thinking “Oh No!”  I won’t read as many hilarious stories from Les Babs, or get to look at her silly picture every time I read one of her hilarious stories.

No Worries.

You will still hear from me, should you choose to accept this task…

Please, follow us on over to

This is our new family webpage.  Full of hilarious blogs by Les Babs, more hilarious blogs by P.A. Babs, and even more hilarious blogs we write together… Plus, recipes, DIY/Home Decor and fashion pages.

All in one fabulous location!

So… should you need a stay-cation, come on over and visit us at…

See you there!

Note-this page will stay active for a while.  If you are linked up to follow me by email, please add your email to the site.  It’s super easy to do.  Thanks!  It means so much to hear your comments and have you as part of our lives.

In Him, Les Babs ♥


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