embrace the suckiness

Sometimes life can really suck. And there are levels of suckiness. And we all have varying levels of tolerance for the suckiness that enters our lives.

Embrace the suckiness.

This is an anonymous quote (by one our friends).  Sometimes life sucks for a day or two, or a week, or a month or even years… but there are ways we can embrace it.  And grow from it.

Now we are going to explore 3 levels of suckiness and how to embrace them.

Level 1. an Annoyance.  You have a Ginormous zit on your eyebrow line (at least that’s what I’ve got going on the last few days) or it’s cloudy outside and you’re a sunshine kind of gal (or guy) or you had a terrible day at work/school… or your $4 mocha was accidentally thrown away.

Embracing Level 1. Cover up your zit with tons of make-up.  Or let it shine.  Deal with the clouds. Or don’t live in central Ohio.  Get over the bad day, tomorrow will be better.  Buy another mocha.

Level 2.  A strain.  A health strain.  Your kids are sick, up all night puking, so you are cranky b/c you didn’t get any sleep.  Or you are sick and need to work.  Or you AND your kids are sick (this is a level 2.5)  Or there is a strain on your marriage or a friendship.  Or you are having difficulty with your job.  Or a financial strain.

Embracing Level 2.  This can be tricky – one of my examples below.

Level 3.  A loss.  Personally.  Financially.  Relationally.  A loss of trust.  Or loss of a loved one.

Embracing Level 3.  “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding…” Proverbs 3:5  This is difficult, and is not always easy to do.  Trust in the Lord gives way to surrender and produces an attitude of thankfulness, which leads to an unexplainable peace and joy, despite circumstances.

Then there are those days I just forget the make-up, pull my hair back, put on my stretchy pants and consume large amounts of coffee to get thru and embrace the suckiness.

Today was one of those days.  It was a level 2.  Selah was up all night puking.  Which meant I was up all night cleaning.  She puked every hour.  I slept a little on the floor at the end of her bed in btwn cleanings.  As I laid on the floor, I kept thinking of funny sayings in the book “Stuff Christians Like” by Jonathan Acuff (a must read btw).  I was embracing the suckiness with laughter.  When I was washing the 6 extra loads of puke laundry, I embraced the suckiness, thankful for our washing machine.  Selah slept most of the day.  She had a fever and was worn out from being up all night.  I was thankful for the extra time I had to cuddle with her, and hold her close.

                                                         Then she woke up and had a little bit of water.  And went back to sleep on the floor.  Her brother and sister played around her as she laid in the middle of the living room.  I was thankful she was able to rest, even with her sibs running in circles around her.

                                                                                               Later she moved into the kitchen and had a few bites of cracker.  I was cooking dinner by this time.  She laid down on the kitchen floor to be near me.  I was thankful to be near her.

This morning, she had her 2-year-old check up previously scheduled – coincidence – so we went to see the Dr.  From the moment we entered the office, she was crying the entire time, “I want daaaaadddddyyyyyy!” and raising the suckiness to a level 2.3.  Then I started crying in the Pediatric lobby while the receptionist stared at me from behind the glass with sympathy… or disgust, I couldn’t tell as tears welled up in my own eyes.  Eventually I embraced the suckiness, thankful that Selah wasn’t throwing up anymore…

After we got back home, I let her have some milk.  Bad idea.  How can I deny my baby milk?  A few minutes later, the chunks started flying again.  Salem comments, “It looks like shaving cream!”  Great observation.  I was thinking cottage cheese.  He’s a bright boy.  Meanwhile, Soleil turns queezy and hides to avoid all physical and visual contact.

Thankfully, today I wasn’t sick.  I’ve been there, done that.  Those days when momma PLUS kids are sick, I try to embrace that suckiness level 2.5.  Being sick and taking care of my wee Babs is difficult really sucks.  But I can embrace it…eventually.  If I’m sick, I’m thinking Yes!  I’m gonna lose a quick 5 lbs!  and sure it will come back, but for a few days I get to enjoy being 5 lbs lighter.

We’ve had many opportunities to embrace the suckiness.  On all levels.  Annoyances, Strains and Losses.  Of friendships.  Being a laid off of work.  A miscarriage.  And in time I will share those stories and how we embraced them.  And how we have grown.

How will you embrace the suckiness?


3 thoughts on “embrace the suckiness

  1. Chrissy Ryan says:

    It’s hard when the suckiness lasts and lasts. Things never seem to make sense. Betrayals, things done to a person that they don’t deserve. When you try to defend yourself and then something else comes up and smacks you in the face. You cry out to God, you want to give up. I love that God lets me have my feelings. I can say anything to him and he hears it!!! I may not always have all the answers but in my situation God has so shown up. Sometimes it’s like where are you God and why is this allowed to happen?

    I do know however that He is there always!!! Even though I’ve felt like I can’t go on another day God always sustains me. Even if the situation doesn’t change because of God in his mercy I have found I was able to do things/let go of things that without Him I could have NEVER, EVER done. EVER!!!! It amazes me that when you least expect it God shows up in my muck. I get one of those light bulb moments because of him. I have to use the sometimes over used statement….let go and let God. This is so difficult yet so freeing!!!

    I have to believe he is God all the time. Not just when things feel good or go right. I have to believe he is kind and loving and caring even when I don’t understand why so much is going on. I have found that when I let go of all of my anger and pain and reached out to trust God it got easier. Yes I cried as I let go of what I knew wasn’t right but I also took a firmer hold of God.

    That is powerful. His grace and love are so amazing. Words do not do his attributes justice. Sometimes it’s a daily thing. Sometimes something will pop up to remind me how unfair the situation is. However I need to immediately turn to God and re embrace him and that is a pure miracle and it works!!! War is hard, but the fight is worth it. I am moving on to get that prize. I am running my race and I know in my heart God is proud of me. After all that is who matters.

    This life is full of difficulties but there is always hope with God. Sounds cheesy but it is so true!!!! He is my light, he is my hope, his is my Abba Father!!! He never leaves me or forsakes me. He is my rock and my salvation!!! I will put on my Armor everyday and I will fight the good fight. I will also give to others so I may make a difference while I am here.

    We all have our pain but with God we can go on. It feels so good to embrace that kind of love that our Daddy graciously gives us. Well I’ll stop now because I could go on forever talking about him.


  2. Julie McGee :) says:

    Great post Leslie! David and I just had a great talk last night about some suckiness we just have to embrace right now. Might as well embrace those sucky times and make the most of them because some times that’s all you can do when things are out of your control.
    By the way I am loving your blog and I’ve enjoyed lots of laughing while reading all the great posts! Thanks for taking the time out of your day to share your life and give such great encouraging words. 🙂


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