Xtreme Worship

I am not a fan of sports… but I AM a fan of yelling.  This seems to be a requirement for watching sports.  Except for golf… maybe?

Even though I like yelling, I can’t think of anything I’d rather NOT be doing than watching sports… unless they are Xtreme.  Like you might die as a result.  Like hiking Mt. Everest or kayaking down the cru-zaziest rapids.  I can engage in watching these stories of survival.  Someone testing their limits.  Like Bear Grylls.  Someone giving their allrisking their lives for what they love.

Since I am not a fan of sports, I have decided to create a new sport that I love.

It’s called Xtreme Worship.

It’s dirty.  It’s messy.  You will get sweaty.  It’s not always pretty.  You might look foolish while doing it.  2 Samuel 6:16.  You will be misunderstood.  You might lose some friends.  It requires risk.  Holding Nothing Back, baby.

Every Sunday, I get to play Xtreme Worship.  

And even during the week, I get to play Xtreme Worship with P.A. and our wee Babs, when we have family dance parties in our living room.  This is seriously my favorite sport.

In this sport, you are asked to risk your life.  Even unto death.  You are called to lose your life for Someone.  Jesus.  (Matthew 10:39).  This is Xtreme Worship.

Unlike basketball, baseball or any other sport (even hiking to Mt. Everest), the end is not a trophy, an accolade, or even a pat on the back. Everyone who participates, everyone who fully gives their lives to Xtreme Worship wins.  You win a relationship with Jesus.  A relationship that results in a New Life, a Changed Heart, True Love, Unexplainable Peace, and Unquenchable Joy.

Xtreme Worship is a difficult sport.  It’s not for the weary, the weak or the faint of heart.  It requires strength, endurance, and patience.  Practice does not make perfect.  You will give your heart and experience brokenness, pain, go thru trials, and share in sufferings.  But count it as JOY b/c the prize is JESUS, baby!  (James 1:2 and Philippians 3:12-16)

And He is worth it.  Jesus is worthy of all my Xtreme Worship.