lunch box

I let our wee Babs eat of the floor.  It’s all about the 5-10 second rule.  P.A. is cool with it, especially if I’ve just mopped (which is rare).  But if I haven’t mopped in several weeks months, I lean more toward the 5 seconds.  We don’t have a dog to clean up the mess our floor embraces after the 5-10 seconds.  P.A. usually sweeps up the after dinner crumbs.  And I unusually mop.  Speaking of mopping – which I rarely like to speak of –  if your kids eat oatmeal and half of it lands on the floor like at my house, it’s much easier to clean up if you let it set for a few hours…or even days.  This way it hardens.  MUCH easier to clean.  And that advice was free.

Our fam loves to eat.  However, we don’t care to eat just anything.  we are food snobs.  and coffee snobs.  I’ve mentioned this before in a previous chronicle -“Poop and Panera”.  What we eat is important to us.  We prefer to eat…naturally.  C’mon, shouldn’t ALL food be natural?!?  But it’s not.  We have to read labels.  Carefully.  If our food does have a label, we like to be able to read all of the ingredients.  Sometimes there are exceptions.  Cheeze-its.  They are mostly natural. And addictive.

Then there is the dilemma of the lunch box.  What goes in our 7 year old’s lunch box is important.  Thankfully, our wee Babs have embraced our fam’s natural way of eating.  A peanut butter and honey sandwich, an apple, and a salad or green pepper, with water to drink – this is what Soleil has everyday in her lunch box.  Salem eats his “normal lunch” everyday – a peanut butter and apricot jelly sandwich, lettuce with lemon, and chips n salsa.  Selah normally eats a mix of the above.  It’s not all health food though, they do eat the free donuts at church.  Believe me, we like sugar, chocolate, butter and bread.  Naturally.

So every morning, I pack Soleil’s lunch box with pride.  Knowing she’s a kid who likes eating green pepper.  Now our 2-year-old wants a packed lunch everyday.  Even though she’s not going anywhere.  She wants to go to school so badly like her big sibs.  Waiting to go to school in 3.5 years is going to be difficult for her to reconcile.  But she will have to deal.

We’re proud of our wee Babs for making good food choices on a daily basis, and even at birthday parties.  They have cake boundaries.  And sucker boundaries.

Sooo…. What’s in your lunch box today?