The Musical History of Oklahoma

Last week, I was running on Oklahoma soil blacktop, and I was reminded of my glory days in High School.  No, not my glory days of running track or cross country, but of singing – in vocal music.  Those were the days… During our Thanksgiving visit with my family, I was able to have breakfast with three of my good friends from High School.  These girls were my vocal music cohorts. We spent a lot of time together in music, performing, competing and harmonizing.  Imagine “Glee”, but not really.  The best part about our reunion over coffee and Panera bagels was when we broke out into song with a four-part harmony.  Nope.  That didn’t really happen, although it could have… The best part was just being.  Being with old friends who knew me when and still know me now.  We don’t sing together anymore, and we don’t see each other very often, but time picks up where we left off.  I am thankful.
Side note for my musical cohorts: Ok, seriously this picture is way. too. old.  Girls, we need an updated photo pronto.  My next visit, a new picture should be first on our agenda… Now on with the story.
As the wind came sweeping down the plains during my run, I was also reminded of my vocal glory days in college.  I attended the University of Oklahoma and was in the musical “Oklahoma” – very appropriate. It was during the first week of this vocal music experience that I decided I hated performing. However, I had to fulfill my six week, 12 hour a day contract of stage building, set up, costume design and performing.  Six weeks later, it was over.  I was free.  I said good-bye to the set, the stage and those musical peeps, knowing I would probably never see them again.  I was thankful. Although we were working closely together for those six weeks, there was never depth to our musical friendship.  They did not know me.
There is something amazing about being with people who know you.  There is something about knowing what you are made to do in this life.  It is a gift.  I knew I was made for something more.  My musical gifts were just that – Gifts!  I knew I had to start giving back the gift I had been given; back to God who gave it to me.  So in those college glory days began my journey as a Worshipper.  A Worshipper who has a gift to lead others into God’s presence.  This is something I am known for now.  I am thankful.

Noted. By Les Babs