Worship and Worry ~ A Tale of Two Sisters

Worship and Worry ~ A Tale of Two Sisters. Luke chapter 10:38-42  ~ The tale of Mary and Martha. One sister, Martha invited Jesus to her house. Yet, she is worried, distracted by many things.  Frustrated she has no help getting the meal ready, angry her sister Mary is doing ‘nothing’… Yet she is doing something… she is doing the one thing that matters. Mary is sitting at the feet of Jesus and listening to His teaching.

If I could walk in the sandals of these two women, I can see myself in both of them. I am not easily caught up in housework and fuss. I can easily let go of the daily tasks, to-do-lists and leave the house-mess. But. I am still easily caught up in the net of worry. I am distracted by many things. I might not be actively avoiding tasks for the sake of time with Jesus, but I am actively accomplishing much worry.

I am sitting at the feet of Jesus, yet immersed in worry while I’m there. I am actively sitting at His feet, but worry is looming while my soul is longing to be engaged. I am distracted by the many things I am not accomplishing while I am longing to hear the heartbeat of Jesus. This is not where Jesus wants me to be.

“It’s impossible to worship and to worry at the same time.”

I sang this phrase in worship over our church a while ago. This Truth saturated the room thru a lyric He stirred in my heart. I can not be fully in the presence of God, in worship, and worry at the same time. I must choose. 

I know the truth of both Mary and Martha. I have experienced both. I have been overcome by His presence, fully engaged in worship while doing the dishes and cleaning toilets. And I been embraced by His arms, settled in His love, simply Being with Him and doing nothing else. 


Today I was given a gift of opportunity. I went running. walking. strutting… whatever you want to call it… huffing and puffing… I slow down. I see. She’s standing there. Beside her car, cigarette in one hand. Leaning back against the passenger door. I hear three words: Abused, hungry, rejected. “Hi” I greet her. She responds with a “hello” as well. This was a moment. God was opening a door to show His love to her. But I walk on…  I’m in a hurry. I am distracted by many things. I need to finish my run, walk, putter… I only have a set amount of time before I must be home. Before I need to pick up the kids from school. Pay the bills. Finish the chores… my mind is spinning.

I keep walking, 1 minute passes, maybe even less. Damn you, Time! And the lie I believe there is a lack of it. I turn around. Screw time restraints. Forget the rest of my putter… I stop. I turn back. I missed it! She’s gone. She’s driving away.

I won’t miss this gift again. I long to be in a routine of worship. I wrongly believed I was. It changed oh so subtly. I have been in a routine of worry. In worry I miss worship. In worry I miss Jesus. In worry I miss the gift to show His love. In worry I miss His presence. In one minute I missed her. 

God still loves me. This is not a beat myself over the head, I suck at following Jesus moment to bemoan and drive me into despair. This is a moment to listen. To learn. To sit at the feet of Jesus. In worship there is never a lack of time. In His presence, He fuels all that we need. In distraction and worry, everything can be stolen. This is a moment of repentance, humility and growth. I am learning ~ I never want to miss the One Thing again.

This is a moment to share. If this encourages you, pass it on! I am thankful for your reading.

In Him, Leslie


screaming on the way to church

screaming on the way to church is perfectly acceptable.

this is me — screaming on the way to church. i reenacted it for you to capture this lovely image… you get the picture. (photo cred: my hubby 😉 )


i woke up to a beautiful day. had some coffee. had some eggs. had plenty of time to get myself ready….. and as i was heading out the door to leave for church, i became super agitated and angry. i was running a few minutes late, which is not unusual always for me. but… this was not about me running late. this was not about me being on my period. this was not about anything anyone did that pissed me off. the frustration that came over me was sudden and ugly. i didn’t want help loading my guitar. i didn’t want to hug my kids good-bye. i didn’t want to kiss Adam good-bye. i wanted to scream. 

i rushed out of our driveway. gave a fake smile and fake wave to our next door neighbor — during our ‘love your neighbor’ sermon series, nonetheless. and screamed on the way to church.

as i was driving (and screaming), i was battling. i was battling lies infiltrating my thoughts telling me i’m a terrible mother for leaving the house in a huff and not hugging the kids good-bye. i’m a terrible wife for not kissing adam good-bye. i’m too angry to lead worship today. i’m too angry to be in church leadership. i’m too angry to even be a Christian.

Oh. WHAT. THE. HELL?!? these thoughts lies were from the pit of hell. from the father of all lies — satan himself.

on the way to church my mind was a battle field. i was pushing into enemy territory. i was on my way to lead worship — to lift up the name of Jesus above all other names,  proclaim Him as the Son of God and sing of His glory and Lordship over all the earth!

before long, the screams flowed into prayers. the lies ceased and Truth pierced thru — taking my thoughts captive.

every time we worship, we are engaging in spiritual warfare. we are participating in an unseen battle and we need real protection. we need the armor of God. i don’t recommend screaming every Sunday on the way to church, but there will be times to use your tongue as a spiritual defense weapon.

as i screamed on the way to church, warfare was waged. my tongue was on fire and it wasn’t pretty — battle never is. it is messy when we follow Jesus. my worship on Sunday was an overflow of the battle i had just been part of. my worship became warfare and celebration simultaneously, as the light of Jesus broke thru the darkness and the Kingdom of God advanced.

Have you ever experienced hearing and believing the lies of the enemy? How has your thought life been affected? How has your worship been affected? Please share – I’d love to hear your thoughts.

In Him, Leslie

lies we believe.

5 lies we believe… 

1. you’re. not. cool. if you don’t own a pair of TOMS shoes. and the Bobs Skecher version doesn’t count. and neither does the Payless version. if they even have a version. sorry.

the truth is ~ TOMS shoes are impacting the world in a great way. buy one give one. but you don’t have to own a pair of TOMS to be a cool and giving person.

2. you’re. not. hip. if you’re not on Pinterest. sorry. you’re just not. and you have to be invited into Pinterest. so you probably don’t have any hip friends either.

the truth is ~ Pinterest is hip and trendy. for now. but don’t feel bad if you haven’t been invited and you’re not ‘pinning’ anything. life will go on. i promise.

3. you’re a terrible housekeeper if you leave dishes in the sink. or on your counter. over night. you will start the day tomorrow with dirty dishes in the sink. you are already behind.  just give up now.

the truth is ~ you can do the dishes in the morning. really. they will still be waiting patiently for you in your sink. or on your counter. 

4. you will. miss. out. on the greatest deal, the final sale, and your last chance to save 20% if you don’t use that coupon to Kohls that expires today. and you will never. ever. get that chance back again.

the truth is ~ those deals run every. single. day. and they are stupid and pointless. and they clog up your inbox. so you need to ‘unsubscribe’.

5. your underwear is crap unless is comes from Victoria’s Secret. in fact all of your hoodies and stretchy pants are also crap if they don’t have the PINK logo slapped on the buttocks.

the truth is ~ victoria’s secret underwear get holes in them too. just the same as undies from target [pronounced ‘tar jay’ en francais] where you can also, btw, find perfectly fluffly $5 clearance hoodies.

whew. i am certainly relieved these 5 lies we believe have been exposed… and i am so thankful that God loves me *and you* regardless of my clean or dirty dishes or underwear choices.

*In the Bible, Matthew 6:25-34 also renounces these lies we can believe:

“Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, nor about your body, what you will put on {or what kind of underwear you will put on}. Is not life more than food {or dirty dishes in the sink}, and the body more than clothing {or whether or not you have a pair of TOMS}?… verse 27. and which of you by being anxious {or pinning things on Pinterest} can add a single hour to his span of life? And why are you anxious about clothing {or whether or not you will be able to use your 20% off Kohls coupon that expires today}? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they neither toil nor spin, yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these {Kohls customers}verse 33. but seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.  Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble {and shopping at Victoria’s Secret can be more trouble than its worth}.” Amen.

this post will be continued… there are many more lies to uncover another day, but for now… happy monday!

*please note {emphasis added by me} these notes are not in the Bible 🙂 but don’t just take my word for it, read it!