Bonjour Blog Monde!

Bonjour!  Je m’appelle Leslie Babcock ~ ou Les’ Babs 
Merci beaucoup for visiting my blog ~ I hope you will se servir une tasse de cafe’ and stay a while. This bliggity-blog is ‘all about moi’… the stories I live and share with my family and those around me, and most importantly Who we live for and follow ~ Jesus.  In a few simple words, I am a Feisty Mommy of 3 Wee Babs. Reluctant Pastors Wife. Spirit-Led Worship Leader. Lovely Child of God.
Here is a random fact about moi ~ I took several hours of French in college.  I was only one class short of having a French minor, but I did not finish.  I was so sick of French by that time, I no longer cared.  The truth is – there are many things in life I leave unfinished.  I prefer to put things off.  Procrastination knows me well.
I am thankful that we can always learn.  Even from procrastination.  We don’t need to be in a fancy building or have a diploma or even a title attached to our names.  We are never too old to learn, or start a blog…
Oh, and by the way ~ this is the extent of the French je sais tout de suite…plus tard!
Au revoir!

Noted. By Les Babs